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About Us

Autoglas Stieger Limited has 18 years experience in the European vehicle glass market, through the expertise of the company’s founder and owner, Franz Stieger. In 1986, Franz Stieger started his own business in Austria. As the sole business operator, he was highly successful in Europe, until 2004 when he decided to move to New Zealand for a change in lifestyle and business.

Since May 2004, Autoglas Stieger Ltd operated in Christchurch, and has quickly gained a strong foothold in the local market.

All of Autoglas Stieger’s products are sourced directly from Europe, with well regarded brand names such as Saint Gobain (Sekurit), Pilkington, Guardian, Splintex; all of whom supply to the car industry world wide.

Autoglas Stieger has come to the New Zealand market to provide customers with quality glass, and specifically to fulfill all their European glass needs.

Autoglas Stieger’s success was upon providing the best quality to the customers at reasonable price. Autoglas Stieger plans to extend its business, and bring in more products to satisfy all our customer needs!

Franz Stieger has always believed: “Every day I will try to do the best I can for my customers, and tomorrow I will try to do better!”.